Management Consulting



Our Core areas of focus are Consulting and Strategic Planning for business process optimization across multiple teams domestic and international.


Startup Companies – setting the right framework and processes for the global mindset

Executive Directors and Project Managers – help your programs go more smoothly, save money, and maximize results  – consulting for the project managers dealing with complex international projects .. ongoing consulting/coaching for checking progress and resolving points of conflicts.. –  Initiation, Planning, Execution, Performance and Control, Project Close

Product Managers – think more innovatively.. out of the box – better understand customer needs and

Change Managers – strategic planning for larger international projects

Human Resource Manager – team building, operationalizing diversity and inclusion


Outcomes include:

  • Innovation
  • Global Mindset
  • Team collaboration
  • Product development innovation
  • Customer insights/ customer engagement


Appreciative Inquiry

Customized surveys/interviews

Project Management Processes

Business Analysis


Training and Development

We examine your current values, processes, and goals.  Then we collaborate with you to build a plan and execution strategy around developing the best new processes.  This could be internal or external, global or domestic, or a combination of all.  Our specialty is being able to utilize differences as a strategic advantage in developing new processes.  The end goal is to accomplish your goals both for employee productivity and customer acquisition and retention.  As six sigma certified consultants with extensive technology and business experience, we are able to develop effective and cutting edge cross-functional strategies and plans.

We provide a comprehensive services that take an integrative approach to understanding your business and core competencies, as well as your competitive environment in the industry. The following are some options in our consulting services. We work closely with your team to create a customized solution based on your requirements.

Combination of various processes including qualitative and quantitative.  We research and aggregate information about your teams and customers to quickly determine the opportunities and gaps.  We use our unique process and surveys to get the critical and timely insights.  We then take these insights into discussion with you to prioritize your next steps.

Our strengths in Business Psychology and Consulting will help us get these insights and perform the implementations as an external consultant.

Our recommendations and these insights to you to guide you in the process improvement internally and externally to produce better products