Dr. Nitha Fiona Nagubadi

Dr. Nitha’s focus for her Doctoral research is on culture, creativity and innovation to understand the correlation between exposure to foreign cultures and creativity.  Customized training, media and film are great ways that the masses could gain this exposure thus enhancing creative abilities.

Born in the UK and raised in the US, she has traveled extensively internationally and delivered workshops and market expanding solutions to executives on international business projects in the USA and India. Her focus now is to help developing a mindset of diversity and inclusion, creativity, innovation, and globalization.

She uses her talent in communicating change and new product development in creating new revenue streams for managing projects and creating growth in revenue on $ multimillion projects in Fortune 500 companies.

In her work, she uses her marketing and management consulting skills gained over the past 15 years of strategic corporate industry experience. She works with corporate executives to analyze their businesses and manage their projects to develop a competitive advantage to their businesses to either reach a global market or work with a more diverse consumer base locally.

She has worked in a variety of industries ranging from Startups to Fortune 500 companies, including Model N, Citrix, Redbox, Walgreens, USG, Dot Coms, such as Classified Ventures and IExplore, Export – Import, International Business, and Higher education.   Having worked in corporate America and the diversity field, she understands the marketing strategy needed to deliver the International films to mainstream USA audience.

Nitha has an Undergrad and Masters degrees from University of Chicago with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology an MS in Computer Science,PsyD in Business Psychology, an MBA in Marketing, Operations Management, HR and International Business from Loyola University Chicago.  In addition, she has certifications in Change Management, Project Management, and Scrum Master Certification.